Free access to the website's own journal: The Journal of Scientific Football

The Journal of Scientific Football

Be it an issue of restricted access or a lack of awareness about the location of scientific research, it appears that those who are not employed in academia or affiliated with academic institutions, simply don't have the luxury of accessing the results of scientific studies that are designed specifically to improve match-play. Therefore, is pleased to announce the hosting of its own web based journal; The Journal of Scientific Football.

The whole purpose of the journal is to be easily accessible and relevant to application in football. Therefore, we are requesting submissions of case study reports that are a maximum of 1000 words (for specific authorship guidelines, please click here). Specialising in performance enhancing improvements, we especially seek articles relating to this area, however all submitted articles that meet our requirements will be reviewed and other areas of interest are welcomed.

The journal will not be a scientific publication per se, but it allows authors who may have not had a scientific background, but who still know that certain approaches work, to communicate their findings with the community. Additionally, it could give valuable writing experience to individuals about to embark upon a career in sports science support in football. Providing that the submitted work meets the requirements and passes the editors selection criteria, it will appear on our website.

We invite you to submit your case studies using the address provided on the contact page.

Article: Hydro-nutritional practices of junior players

Article: Heart rate profile during a match 

Article: Interval training improves fitness of under-performing elite youth player 

Article: Hydration analyses of junior players before an evening match

Article: Characteristics of players aged 13-18 years old